dfrhgrhabout The Teaching Profession

The teaching profession is a great age profession that is as old as time. Everyone is a teacher at some point in their life. As long as you have ever taught anyone anything, you can call yourself a teacher. But in the real sense of the word, only those that take on teaching as a profession can be said to be in the profession of instruction. The profession is an occupation that involves people taking up teaching as their major career. Teaching profession is only for those that have gone through school and acquired the necessary learning and qualification to be called a professional teacher.

Who Is A Teacher?gvfgvg

A teacher is someone who passes on knowledge to others. Teachers are people that have gotten the formal learning in a field and gotten a certificate to impact such knowledge on others. They usually take up teaching as full-time work. Their living comes from the payment made to them from teaching students. They can teach students in the classrooms or choose to do so online. They are versatile and answer all questions that students have concerning a topic in their field of expertise. Most of the times, teachers usually end up their career in the Teaching profession.

Qualities Of A Good Teacher

As we said before, anyone can be a teacher. However, there are some qualities that a teacher must have to be regarded as a good teacher. Here are a few of them:

Enthusiasm: A good teacher must be enthusiastic about impacting knowledge on other. A good teacher is such that naturally love to share the knowledge he or she has on his or her students. The teacher is not selfish and does not withhold information from students. A good teacher is not forced to teach or take up the profession just to make ends meet. Teaching comes naturally to the right teachers.

fhrvhfbLove for students: one quality a good teacher must possess is a natural love for his or her students. Students are not seen as inferior people, but people that need to be nurtured. A good teacher understands that the students have a different level of understanding and therefore exercises patience in teaching them so that everyone is carried along.

Continuous learning: getting a certificate in teaching does not mean that one should rest on one’s oars. As with every other profession, the Teaching profession entails continuous learning. There is always something new to learn. A new finding on a particular topic or field is made on a frequent basis. It is, therefore, important that a good teacher continues learning to stay relevant.


The Teaching profession is a profession that gave birth to other professions. In fact, without the profession of instruction, there can’t be other professions. It was and is still one of the most cherished professions in the world. There is this internal gratification a teacher has when knowledge is impacted on students. Teachers are what make the world interesting.